Wednesday June 26th 2019

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This pic of my old 1973 Bultaco Sherpa T 325 showed up again  on FB - too bad I still don’t have it as it was the best Bul that I owned ( and I had a few) Of course we always took the stock alloy fenders off plus the side-stand and anything else that would save a few grams. !!

This was the bike that took me to 3rd Open and 6th Overall at the 1973 Moose Mountain Cross Country. - Can’t remember if I won any Trials  on it, but had to let it go when I joined Yamaha Motor Canada in October that year - the start to another amazing chapter in my life.

Yesterday we had a  surprise visit from the Heidrick brothers - I knew they lived in Kelowna, but have not seen  them for years - naturally we had a lot of old stories to relate. - they hope to get back into the  vintage Trials scene at some point..


Today will be spent doing a bit of clean up on my van - crazy how much stuff gets left in it after events. - will then load up for a ride/coaching day tomorrow at Summerland. - Brad is coming down from Kamloops with his new Beta, and we will meet up with Ted.

- I really enjoy introducing new Trials riders to this area, as it has so much to offer, no matter what your ability.  I think I will take the Evo 125 tomorrow as it’s so much fun, and being 6 speed is well suited to these trails.

Looking ahead to the weekend, naturally a lot of people will be out in the Forestry ( including the CO’s) please be careful out there, and remember those spark arresters are now required. ( We have them in stock for Beta and TRS).

Of course if you are in the market for a new bike, there has never been a better time to pick up a super deal on either a new Beta or TRS - Huge savings - ( Up to a $1,000 off retail on many models) - but when they are gone - they are gone. - Remember at Outlaw, we do not charge for PDI or documentation, plus you get a years supply of Opti Lubricants FREE.


I see that Marc Colomer has now joined EM Electric. - I ‘m not sure how many factories he has worked for now, but these are a few I remember - Montesa, Beta, Gas Gas, Ossa, Vertigo. -

Just for the record - we have been approached by a lot of the different Electric brands ( and Chinese) to sell their product. - But for me the joy of the sport is with and always has been, with the gas powered bikes. -  As my old buddy Walt used to say ” Whatever turns you on” - and for me Electric just doesn’t cut it.


For a lot of old timers -  looking back at photographs from the past, brings back so many memories - here is one of Chris Horsefield on the big 500 Matchless at Hawkstone Park, in 1965 - I attended that event in 1955, my first ever visit to a “Scramble” - I wondered if the bikes would ever get up the big hill after the starting straight - and was amazed at seeing Geoff Ward on a big AJS roar over the top rocky slabs in a cloud of dust -  yes to a 16 year old that was impressive and a sight I will never forget.  ( The bad part about that day, was that some jerk nicked my brand new James from the parking area - there were hundreds of bikes  but he took mine.- I eventually got it back but that basically ruined my Summer)
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( not sure who took this great shot but thanks for sharing on FB)


Here is a Blast from the past - Back in the day we wore open faced helmets ( often called Pudding bowls) with a scarf or bandana around the mouth to keep the dust out - then came the Swedish Joffa mouth guards - followed by this idea from John Banks ( he made his first one out of a plastic kitchen strainer)  - Over in North America, the Iron Jaw was the choice of many, ( including me)  as the first full face helmets were too hot and confining.
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