Thursday June 27th 2019

Not sure if it’s just our area out near Swan Lake, but our Shaw Internet service lately has been terrible - down during the day a lot of the time - so if you have been expecting a reply to your emails etc - I’m afraid that is the reason. - I intend complaining as it seems to be getting worse , we also had another Power Outage last night       ( likely another car crash into a telephone pole as we heard lots of sirens on the hiway.)
Here is an old shot from a few years ago at Summerland - Once again I’m on the Evo 200 - this is quite a tricky section with adverse cambers & tight turns ( glad to see I have my left arm up)
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Today we will be going to Summerland, to take Brad for a trail ride & general coaching session on his new Beta 300 - meeting up with Ted Pepperdine, hopefully we don’t caught in any thunder storms. - I will be on the TRS Raga 125 today.

This shot is from the Mintex Cup Trial in the UK - sometimes called the “Mini-Scott” the rider is Ben Hemmingway on the Beta.
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I saw a news release from Gas Gas saying that they are not closing !!!! ( think we’ve heard this story before)


more news as it happens >>>

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