Friday June 28th 2019

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On Thursday, I took the lads to see  the small plaque we put on the section we called “Devil’s Staircase” - Pete & myself spent many hours clearing this - two large trees had to be cut down to make a line up the rocky gully and a ton of bark mulch raked off the lower part., - Both Pete and I agreed that this was likely one of the best sections we ever created. - We first used it in the WTC National with no cleans reported ( Only Expert line) at a later event we eased up the middle part and quite a number of the top riders got through without losing points.
Image may contain: plant, outdoor and nature

So Thursday we played “Hooky” - Brad came down from Kamloops, and we went to Summerland - met up with Ted Pepperdine and had an incredible ride. - Originally, I had planned to take the 125 Beta Evo - but a last minute change of plans saw me out on the TRRS 125, and what a hoot that was. - Although this was really just a “Trail” ride - one of my short cuts, had us into big boulders covered with long grass - on route to Pete’s Plaque.

Glad to say that Brad survived the experience ( but I did say sorry)  - The amazing thing for me, was how well the little TRS handled everything - Yes you need to be good with the clutch, but it’s so light ( plus easy to start)  that I really felt great. ( You always know you have had a good day, when you get near the end of a ride and want to try some difficult section - just because. - Of course being an old man, I recognized the symptom and called it quits - but it’s been a long time since I’ve felt that way)  Simply put - I’m having a blast on both the TRS and Beta 125’s - and  I  think maybe  we should have a class for them in our Outlaw Series next year  - yes they are that good. ( Remember Starla Smeeth rides a 125 Gasser)

The question is of course, if a 125 works so well, why would anybody want to ride a big bore?  - Again a lot depends on both the size and ability of the rider, and what they   want to do - ride Trials competition? - trail ride ?

I have said many times times that lots of riders “Over-bike”   themselves and with a Trials bike, this usually means two things - hard to start and too much power.

So there you have it - We sell all sizes and they all work very well - which one is for you?

Oh Yes - I saw a HUGE brown bear while leading on one of the lower trails - it was heading around the corner in front  and don’t think the other guys saw it - this is only the second time that I’ve seen a large bear at this location.


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