Thursday July 4th 2019

Wishing all our American friends a Happy 4th of July - Enjoy your celebrations.

Like a lot of old timers, I have a pile of magazines etc from the past - I came across this one today, showing Sammy on the Bultaco that basically changed Trials forever, - Ironically this might also be the bike and the era, that saves Trials.  -  Although the jury is still out on that. - There is no doubt that in Europe, the largest entrees  are in the vintage or Classic  Trials.. ( 250 at the last Spanish event)
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Check out this link to learn more about what many people in Europe think about what is happening both now, and planned for the future in World Trials.  - click on the British flag at the top to read in English.

Note:  For Anybody new to the blog - all  Canadian WTC ( World Trials Canada) Trials are stop allowed - plus you can roll back without penalty as long as the feet are on the pegs. - Keeping the rules and sections  simple, means riders are more likely to be happy, and come back.

So once again we had to explain to a customer that they had called the wrong number, when they thought they were phoning Mountain Motorcycle for Beta parts - they ended up with Mountain Motorsports the Yamaha Dealer in Golden BC. - ( The Golden dealer phoned me for the part, but when I explained the cost - they got the customer - ( from Whistler) to call me direct - I then gave him Bob’s number.
We also get calls from people wanting Yamaha parts, because they think they are calling Outlaw Motorsports in Kamloops - the new guys who set up a couple of years ago. - Confusing?  yes it is.  But of course like Bob at Mountain in Coquitlam, -  we started Outlaw Accessories & Trialsport a very long time ago.  -(1987) -

We can only hope that these other newbies explain the issue when they get calls from people looking for Trials stuff.


Last week a couple of Sky divers had to pull their reserve parachutes when the main units failed  - luckily they got down OK - this is a shot I took back in 1982 from my deck, when we  lived up above Vernon Airport.   This guy also lived to dive another day. I took the photo ( a series) with a Pentax 35mm and a 300mm telephoto lens.
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As many of our readers know - Jim Snell from the USA is now the Importer for TRS - Stateside, but he also was the parts Distributor for Gas Gas for many years. - Jim has always supplied a lot of very useful information via video, and this one is on the Electrics of Trials bikes. - check it out.


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