Friday July 5th 2019

It’s that time of the year, when we need to ” Clear the barn” and both Beta and TRS Importers are offering some big discounts, which we are matching in dollars. - Although some  models are limited  and will likely go quickly. So there is never a better time to get that new Trials bike. - Call us for further info:

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The weather has been a bit rainy this past few days, which isn’t good for the Drag racing this weekend at Thunder Mountain Kelowna. - We are planning on meeting up with Jimmy Corkle tonight, at this venue - to chew the fat, and pick up the TY 175 that I bought some time ago from the Kimberly. ( Jimmy picked it up for me) -  Hopefully they won’t cancel the racing - Jimmy’s son does this and Jimmy acts as his mechanic.


We also heard that Gord Rinke is stopping by at our place at some point this weekend to pick up a few parts - maybe we will be able to take him out for a ride.


Well ! In spite of rain in the forecast, I elected to zip over to see Roy on the Westside late Thursday  but have to admit that  there was a point when I did consider pulling over & phoning him to say it looked like a bad idea. - Glad I didn’t, because although it was raining when we headed out from the Valley of the Sun - I felt good as I had found my Wulf wet gear in my Outlaw Bag - and actually really enjoyed the ride up to the old Gold mine - the trails are not difficult, although there are a few tricky rocky uphills.

I was on the fantastic Evo 200, which doddles along in 3rd or 4th and makes life easy. I have been spending so much time having fun on the TRS & Beta 125’s - that I had forgotten how really great this bike is ( and No it’s not for sale)  - Roy decided to ride his Sherco 125 4T  which he seems to like and really didn’t have any issues.   ( Although he said he wished he had been on his Evo 250)

I was wearing my Wulf wet riding gear, and only my gloves got soaked - (we have this  available in Red or black)
The rain quit when we reached the old mine, which is located quite high up on the Mountain,  and the ride back was quite pleasant slow & steady, but enjoyable- nice to get out on a weeknight and glad we missed the real downpour that happened a bit later.  - ( It hammered down after I got home)
I’m sure many people have been in that position of ” Do I bother going out today?” - Well, as we all know, every day and every moment is precious, especially as we grow old, and there comes great satisfaction, from making the decision to just “Go for it” - Always in my head is that Ady Brown saying - “Never waste a day”.

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This shot was taken about half way up the mountain - everything socked in - we couldn’t see the lake.
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The old gold mine with all the yellow colored rocks ( No it’s not gold) - also a lot of opal claims in this area.
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