Saturday July 6th 2019

This great pic by Claudio - is posted to illustrate two things - Trials bikes are the best way for young ladies to learn how to ride, and the best models, are ( in my opinion) small displacement 125’s - these have enough power to go anywhere, but not too much to get into big trouble. - There is no doubt, that many new riders both male and female, give up on the sport very quickly, because they are talked into trying big bore bikes - they are intimidating !!! and very scary for newbies.  - The TY 125 was never imported into Canada, but was popular in Europe. - ( The TY 175 was the big seller)
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And if you think the modern 125’s lack power - check out this video >>  post

Yes it’s fair to say that we love the small bikes and have now had enough time on both the TRS and Beta 125’s to post an accurate evaluation. Simply put - they are awesome and so much fun.

And now for something different !! Our son in law is in Peru at the  moment, and sent us this pic of the Taxi service !!

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Birthday greetings today to Turk Perepalkin  from Victoria and Dennis Brumwell in Yellowknife. - Have a great day mates.

Weather still very unsettled, no word if Jimmy made it to Kelowna with my TY 175 ??  - Also no call from Gord Rinke, so not sure if he is in Valley.


Yesterday, I was at the car wash with the Evo 200, first bath it’s had  since new. - after the muddy ride with Roy on Thursday, ( always have the pressure on low & keep the hose away from bearing areas) - Back home it was  given a good blast with the air compressor - then a liberal coating of WD 40, before a final clean up with shop rags. - checked the air filter & the various nuts & bolts, changed the tranny oil with some nice Opti 10w40 - so this little beauty is now ready for another  day in the woods.


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