Monday July 8th 2019

So Sunday was another great day riding at Summerland - this time with Dominique ( Evo 250) - Thinking we might get rained on, we packed a rain jacket, but never did need it. - The plan was to tackle the Mountain just up from the Devil’s Staircase - but to start the day, I took Dominique on a different trail, which I soon realized had been used recently by enduro bikes ( rocks every were and corners bermed) - Not that this lasted long as we were soon on some Trials bike only stuff. I showed Dominique the sections at “Wild Horse Rocks: where Foordy did a spectacular get off ( Yes I have it on film. ) at the 2009 WTC National -
Anyway we pressed on and I had Dominique practice a few sections  - she rides really well and responds well to coaching. These one on one training sessions are,  I feel invaluable to the new people buying bikes.

Later I showed her the section we called “Devil’s Staircase” - before tackling the difficult ( for me) climb up over the Mountain - I needed Dominique to help me in one spot. -  We were the first bikes over this year - very overgrown, and good that I remembered the trail, which was really hard to find in some spots. - It was a fabulous day out and we were late getting home, certainly one for the record books.

The little 125 TRS performed great, and of course is so easy to start,  obviously, you need to use lots of clutch and revs, but in the right hands it is very capable - ( First 125 over the Mountain ?)

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Because of old age and health issues, the old guy needed lots of stops along the way. -
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TRS will have electric start on the XTrack models for 2020.  Read on. >>
TRRS Xtrack Electric Start - Changing the Trial Concept…. 300, 280 & 250 cc, choose the option 👌👌👌

Our Xtrack model is changing the conception of trial sports, today we start a new and long tryp in terms of evolution.

TRS Motorcycles engineers have completely redesigned the propeller to integrate an electric start unique on the market.

Small, light, reliable, effective and integrated are some of the adjectives that define it.J. T: I believe blindly in this project; our obsession to evolve and improve the bike has led us to completely redesign the engine, new crankcase, new crankshaft, new flywheel and new cover to achieve an exceptional result.With a bearing system (free wheel-one way bearing) bathed in oil we have achieved an immediate and powerful response.We have achieved the best possible integration in the bike, so that it is very compact, thanks to its optimal reduction of gears and its powerful 500W MITSUBA SM18 engine together with the Ion-Lithium battery of only 400 “g”.No photo description available.

No photo description available.


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