Tuesday July 9th 2019

Jordi looks pretty happy with the new Electric start model - Xtrack.
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Checked out the TY 175 that I just picked up - very original - just did a few adjustments,  fired it up for a ride around the yard -  Then put it back in the shop - next I unloaded my TRS 125 from the van - and rode that out back  -  Of course I quickly got the message that Holy Moly - The Yam is 44 years old and things have changed a bit ( Lol)

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We noticed right away how strange the riding position felt  on the TY - ie: Handlebars to Foot pegs   -( pegs were always shitty little narrow ones) - Now I have to try and remember what I did to the one I rode for a while back in 1975. - Pretty sure I would have at least changed the bars,  and I know I had to change jetting for riding at the Alberta High Altitude events. But of course with the vintage scene now such a big deal, you can get anything for these old bikes to make them work better. ( Just saw a video of a guy Stateside doing stunts on one -!!) -

Not that the one I had a few years ago with the Sammy Miller tank unit on it was all that bad - in fact it was the only bike that I ever rode & got a clean loop at a Trial on Vancouver Island. ( Sold it to Mark ONeil - who updated it a lot- Mark is a real whiz on these old Yams)

I must say that I’m quite impressed with the condition of the TY - no dents in the header pipe ( which was normal back in the day )  and everything stock - frame has been painted white and the bike has been registered as a 1973, which is wrong, because we did not get this model until 1975 ( In fact we did not get the TY 250 A - until 1974)  The previous owner had kept some records ( unusual these days)

Not sure what I’m going to do with this bike - my original idea was to teach my  grand daughter  how to ride it - as I bought one for her Mum ( Our Helen) back when the kids were teenagers - Stevie also had one. - May still do some Photo- Ops - But there is no doubt that it would be much easier to teach our Hannah ( 21) on one of the new 125’s we have. - But she has now moved to Calgary !!!


Not long now to the great Cow Patty Trial - I can’t tell you how much fun this is - Round # 3 of the Outlaw Series, it takes place on  Bernie Schroderus  private property  near Rocky Mountain House - The camping area (Free) is awesome and the Valley has a great variety of sections - including a creek. Note: This is the third round of the 2019 Outlaw Series. - The final round is September long weekend at Ymir BC.
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Late yesterday, we had a visit from Gord Rinke, who is out in the Okanagan on vacation with his family - after looking at the TRS 125, he took it for a quick blast around the yard, and was very impressed.


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