Saturday July 13th 2019

Perhaps one of the most amazing success stories in Motorcycle manufacturing of Trials bikes - The Jordi Tarres TRS. - Check out this link. While the large factories use lots of people and robots - Jordi just has a small dedicated and passionate workforce - to take on the Mighty Honda Empire, at World Trials.


Some wise words here from Bernie Schreiber >>
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When I first came to Canada, and lived on the Prairies, one of the most inspiring sounds I heard was of the locomotives - and to this day I love to hear those engines “Blow” - When I was a lad - I became a “Train spotter”  and this involved having a small book with all the steam engines in the UK listed, by name and number.  - This was a big deal for young boys back then just after the war, we would visit our local Station and wait the the trains to go by, noting the name &  marking this in our book - they all had a big name-plate on the side . - which would mean that you had seen this engine.  -  In those days the engines were huge and engineering masterpieces, very similar to the ones I saw later in Canada. - It is my opinion that the demise of the railroads, brought on by Politicians, has been a huge mistake. ( I know this has nothing at all to do with Trials - but my very first bike was delivered on the train)
Southern Pacific #18 Working Hard! | Train Fanatics Videos


A reminder that the ATRA would like to know if you plan on attending the Cow Patty Trial at Rocky on the long weekend as they are hosting a free supper (like Ross does at Scotch Creek) and getting an idea of numbers would really help for the cooks.


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