Thursday July 25th 2019

An unusual photo from yesteryear, of a rider on a DOT twin two stroke  I think the rider might be Don Rickman - Back in the late 50’s there was a lot of experimenting going on with both engines and suspension - Although the Earles Type front forks were popular for a short time - they were soon replaced with the standard telescopic units.
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Wednesday   we had a visit from Randy McBee - long time friend who needed some parts for his Sherco and some Opti Oil -   we go back a long way, and his Dad Denny, used to be one of our Cross Country crowd back in Alberta - so this leads to a funny story - I forget which Cross Country race it was, but at one point I was totally lost ( not unusual in those days) and I came across Denny and his Buddy from Bowness ( can’t recall his name) - Anyway they were huddled around this rock, so I stopped to see what was happening & if they knew where the hell the course went. - Turned out what they were doing, was trying to punch a hole in their cards, for a check they had missed.  ( they had a sharp stick)


Later we had a visit from a local young couple, who are looking to get a Trials bike foe the Momma Bear - This was as always interesting, when a Lady or any new rider, needs an introduction to Trials Motorcycle - Glad to say that Sara did quite well on the Beta Evo 125 and we look forward to helping her find the right bike in the future.


I think Dougie Lampkin is in the States this weekend doing some schools & promoting the Vertigo bikes - Bernie Schreiber is also doing the same thing in Ontario this weekend so Kudus to the folk that put that together.


On the local scene, not much happening, in fact I was only thinking today, that we have not had a Trial in the Okanagan Valley since the 25th Outlaw at Summerland. - ??? - Yes I am open to suggestions. - ( And I do have a few ideas)  But as everybody knows I’m now “Over the Hill” and unable to do a lot.

So I have to ask the question - where is the future, with this type of insanity?
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I think,  that traditional Trials will slowly fade away, as people get older. - The new kids on the bloc - have a different   view of things, and  good luck to them. - For me. I’m just glad I have the memories ==============================================.

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