Friday July 26th 2019

The 2020  TRS Xtrack  electric start models are in full production, but will be very limited, so if you want one, best give us a call asap - Not sure when they will arrive in Canada.

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The door bell rang on Thursday morning, and on answering, I recognized the gentleman, but could not think from where. - He  told me his name, and said that I had helped him sell his Beta a few years ago, and that he had promised to pay me a $100.00 for the service, but somehow  he never got back to the Okanagan - and then he handed me a $100 dollar bill - And that only goes to show that there really are some nice people out there.


While I often criticize  sections put in modern World Trials, How about this one from back in the day? - And yes I was guilty of putting at least one of these in a National we had at Kelowna years ago. ( we all make mistakes) -

But rapid changes in the  weather can often make small creeks a raging torrent - as has happened in Scotland more than once. - Remember the year when Sammy Miller was the only rider to be on time on a day that saw the moors become impassable - Sammy launched the big Ariel across a large water hole, tapped in 3rd & using a  clump of Scottish grass to get  airborne. - the story goes that he was mad as hell when the Organizers decided to scrub the time limit for that day.
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Bernie Schreiber is in Ontario this weekend, hosting a Trials school and also riding in the Sunday Trial - nice to see Bernie putting back into the sport after a lot of years. His schools are all about the basics, plus I’m sure showing his ground breaking “Full Floater” technique from back in the day, when he won the World Championship ( The only American ever to do this)

This is a great shot from that era, just look at the crowds !!
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Looks like a hot weekend in the Valley with temps up in the 30’s - also some thunder storms ( We must have had one last night as the power went off)


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