Saturday July 27th 2019

Anybody looking for Trials gloves, should check out the Wulf line that we stock - a couple of different styles, and only $25.00.  We have various sizes and colors.
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Another in our series of ” Water sections in Trials” - This shows Jamie  Busto (Vertigo) at the recent World round in Portugal.   - Reminds me of  a  Moose Mountain Cross Country race back in the day - one of the Top European  Husky Team was entered and his comment after the event ( not sure if he finished) - He was quoted as saying “If we knew we needed a submarine - we would have brought one!”
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The pic below is of one of my favorite haunts back when I was a teenager & had a new bike -  only 70 miles from where I lived, it’s a place called Borth, on the Welsh coast  - we spent some great holidays there as young lads. camping on the beach.
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Now this is an unusual one - I was laying on the couch, watching the news on the TV, when our Pussy Cat  suddenly jumped up and headed for the front window - took a minute to realize that what she had spotted was a baby bat - first time we have seen one since we have lived here, although we often see them flying around late at night if we are on the back deck - ugly little buggers, but they eat the mozzies, so that’s OK. ( Note: I see he is still there Saturday morning)
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Saturday morning is cloudy & quite dull ??  Not in the forecast, but maybe it will clear later, Had a call from Jamie McGregor last night - ( He bought a TRS from us ) he said he is going to the Bernie Schreiber school today, and will take some pics.


More news as it happens >>> Video for today >>>> video

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