Friday August 9th 2019

Holy Moly it was hot on Thursday - I was up early doing some more unloading from the van after the weekend - then it was off to Kelowna to pick up some Tires, before heading back home and the air conditioning.

When I was chatting to Darryl Copithorne the other day ( he called from Australia) he mentioned that another good friend from the past Gordie Lalonde is having some health issues ( C) Gord & Donna used to live near Spruce Meadows, before moving to Oz and have always been very active in the Off road bike world. - We wish Gordie all the very best and hope he beats this.


Lots of interest in the new 2010 TRS Xtrack Electric start - here is video of the man himself King Jordi testing the new bike.


By the way, did anybody lose a side-stand at the Rocky Trial?  I have one that was picked up on the loop.


Nice to see a cloudy morning !!  Sunny days are nice, but we need some rain to help with the forest fire situation South of us. -  It’s in the forecast, so maybe a Sunday ride might be in order. -

A reminder that we still have some great deals on 2019 Beta and TRS Trials bikes, so if you are in the market, don’t delay, because when they are gone they are gone. Nothing better than a new bike for the great Fall riding we have in the Valley.

Only three weeks to go until the final round of the Outlaw Series at Ymir BC - the camping area is great  with a river running nearby or you can check into the Ymir Hotel ph ( 866) 925-0459 - Pete and Jay have everything under control and this is never on to miss. I will post some “Teaser” pics in the coming weeks.


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