Monday August 12th 2019

How about this news - the young Hemmingway brothers from Yorkshire and whose uncle is Dougie Lampkin ( I think- certainly related)  This is young Harry on the Beta Evo 125. - Check out how small he is compared to the lad who beat him for the top spot.  The Beta 125 is brilliant and yes we still have one in stock.

Here is the report from Trial Mag UK.
On Saturday 10th August Ancelle, France hosted the 3rd round of the FIM European Championship.
Tough sections compromising of huge grippy granite rocks,heat reaching 33 degrees and the highest section at 1750 m made for a tough trial.

At 13 yrs of age Harry Hemingway was the youngest in the class but managed to obtain a fantastic overall second place. Having a solid  first lap of 12 and then struggling with fatigue on the last lap, had two costly fives resulting in a second lap of 20 costing him the win and finally losing out by 1 mark


This is a radio clip of Sam King, being interviewed over the phone in Saskatoon where he was doing Stunt shows along with Sean Bird - Worth a listen, as Sammy speaks very well, regarding what he is doing.  Of course having sponsored  this likable young Australian for 4 years, I know how tough it has been for him to eek out a living, so good luck to him in the future.…/15731104-ride-the-vibe-at-the-saskatoo…


It was quite a wet day in the Valley on Sunday - not sure if anybody went riding - had a friend stop by to pick up some stuff and while looking at the old 1975 TY 175, remarked on the footpegs  very small compared to the modern ones. Amazing to think that it took years for manufacturers to update the tiny rigid ( not spring loaded) pegs on the old bikes of the 50’s & 60’s  - they were real ankle breakers, plus being narrow, it was very easy for boots to slip off, on both Trials and Scrambles models. - Also, these were usually positioned too high and too far forward. - Funny how the small details sometimes get missed in Motorcycle design.


So how many people remember Bernie Schreiber’s Trials training Pogo-bike >>

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