Tuesday August 20th 2019

Here’s a couple of bad dudes - Stan Bakgaard and Pete  Bustin - out for a ride.  You can meet up with them both on the upcoming long weekend at Ymir. - The Trial is held on Pete’s property, lovely spot by the river, surrounded by Mountains.
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And another one of the  Vancouver lads - Todd Nordin, riding at the Outlaw Trial at Greenstone Mountain near Kamloops back a few years.
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Although the local press is reporting that Tourism is down in the OK Valley this year - You wouldn’t have thought it last Sunday. - The traffic on the way back from Summerland  was brutal and all the Lakes were packed with boats and water craft.  - Weather today is forecast to be warm with  a high of +31.


Don’t forget, we still have a few 2019 Beta & TRS bikes left at big savings - there are no huge changes coming on the Evo for 2020, as far as we know, and the TRS models are already out. Why not give us a call.


Nice Vincent Black Shadow - the first bike with cantilever   rear suspension (I think) - it had two small shocks mounted side by side. - I always thought that the guys who designed this bike, must have forgot it needed a seat, as it looks so strange - almost as an “After-thought”
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