Wednesday August 21st 2019

Many of our readers will know that Steve Foord ( Foordy) of Calgary - was involved in a serious Motor vehicle crash over the weekend. - He sustained fractures to his neck and is pretty banged up, but being a tough customer I’m sure he will mend better than most, although he will be wearing a “Halo” ( a metal ring) to hold his head for three months. Steve’s fiance Melissa , is keeping us all updated via face book, and he is getting lots of messages from the Off Road racers. -

A very popular guy, we were contacted by Steve ( who is from the UK) many years ago, asking about Trials in Canada, and were able to help him with Sherco bikes for a few years, before he switched to Enduro, and we managed to get him a Beta through Mountain Motorcycle. - He won the WTC National title in 2009. on an Outlaw Sponsored Sherco 250.
Since that time, he has excelled at Enduro X and also taught a lot of schools on  using Trials technique to improve riding the big bikes. He is currently sponsored by Beta Canada.
On behalf of all Trials riders, we wish Foordy a speedy recovery .

The pic below, shows Steve winning the Expert class at a ATRA Trial in Rocky Mountain House. ( note the Outlaw sticker)
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So here’s a point to ponder - Dougie Lampkin has just completed a North American tour for Vertigo - but is he planning to jump ship at some point soon? - Total speculation on my part, but he does have a lot of friends in the Industry.  ( CCM?) Maybe Dougie will spark a new British Trials bike era.? - A rule we used to have when I worked in the industry - If you haven’t heard  a rumor  by 10am in the morning - “Start one”

A few early morning chuckles !!
- Future  Trials will now be called  Rabbit events - “Hoppy -to be- Hoppy to be - Hop. Hop.
Another rumor has future bikes coming with only a rear wheel - in order to save weight - However the price will remain the same !.


Happy to post this pic of long time friend  - Don  Galloway - An ace Flat-track rider - Many people might not know that Don worked for Yamaha Canada for a while in the Accessory Department and we spent some interesting times “on the road” when he first joined - Don went on to be a very successful Motorcycle dealer  with Cycle Works in Edmonton, but has also done a ton of work for the Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Fame.
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I see TRS have now got an Importer in Chile - a place where one of our nephews gets married in October - he has  connections in  the wine industry - We had an invite, but at our age, traveling is really no longer an option.

A pic of one of the 2020 TRS models in Chile - shows it fitted with Dunlop tires !!  - As mentioned Beta switched to Dunlop last year, which seem to be working just fine. But it’s probably the crazy price of X lites - that is the main reason for the change.


Yesterday we shipped out one of the last two Jitsie short Trials seats that we had in stock - Don’t think we can get any more of these, so if you are thinking about buying one - better shout up quickly. ( They velcro on and work well)

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