Monday August 26th 2019

We had a great ride on Sunday with Andrew Vipond - who was out on his new TRS 280 Raga - We went to Yankee Flats, as Andrew had not been there - I was able to show him some of the old neat stuff we had in the Trials back a few years.  ( Surprisingly there were no vehicles in the parking area when we got there, and only a couple showed up after we returned)
The tight hillclimb up through the bush to the top road was a challenge, as nobody has been up that route for at least a few years. - ( I needed a rest at the top) - After that we did the long loop over to the Power line, ending at the Creek section, before heading back.  It’s a nice area, and I always wanted to cut a trail from the Power line back to the old well site - but that is not going to happen now -  at least not for me.
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This was at the top of the tricky climb up to the top road. - Yes it was a clean on the Evo 200.

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The pic below is on route back from the Power line - needed a rest after the tricky but very enjoyable   ride through the forest. Note I wore my old Wulf shirt, complete with my name on the back with my Anson/Outlaw Beta pants. Quite vintage but still in perfect shape ( and still fitted !!)
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This is a beautiful view of the Northern OK Valley, and Yankee Flats.

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Check this out on Michelin Tires >> From Jim Snell.
The - now considered obsolete - Michelin X-Light tubeless rear tires are still being sold in the USA. And these tires are as old as seven to ten years since they were produced.. (They lay around in USA distributor warehouses for years and they get hard as the resins dry out)
The suggested retail price for this X-Light rear tire is almost $300.00. And the “discount” on-line sellers are asking prices in the range of $185.00 for these “old” tires..

And we know that the new Michelin X11 tire - that is OEM on new trials machines since 2016 - is better than the X-Light… But many riders tell us that nobody in the USA seems to have the new X-11?

BUT WAIT! ~ Indeed… Jim has the new Michelin X11 rear tire in stock! And these just arrived from SPAIN! And they are “sticky and soft and pliable” and they are for sale… But wait, there is a catch. It costs a lot of money to air freight these zoot new Michelins from Spain to Jim’s warehouse.. If you want a new “fresh” genuine Michelin X11 “tubeless” rear tire, Jim has what you need. The price is $200.00 plus S&H. :) Jim has five of them left in stock.
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thank you for your attention
Finally Adam Raga managed to beat Toni Bou - at the Stadium Trial in France. !!

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