Wednesday August 28th 2019

I saw this posted by somebody who was at the Urban Trial in France last weekend - I too watched the videos, and agree totally that things have gone a bit “Over the Top” as regards difficulty both Indoors and Outdoors.. - There appears to be no Control over what a Promoter can set up, mainly for the thrill seekers. - Thank goodness we still have some sanity in the events run in Canada.

Alex and Benoit this Sunday has a nice race may be just to my taste a can dangerous because I saw lots of pilot fall hesitate be afraid even Bou l extraterrestrial not try everything the trial must he go to the show personal I DON ‘ T Don’t believe but I respect the commitment and the enthusiasm of the organizer but watch  Out.
-             You can tell this is a rough translation, but you get his point
This is a pic sent by Jay Colley of one of the sections at Ymir -  They will have great natural obstacles all sensible and set up with the correct degree of difficulty for all classes.  This is definitely  not a Trial to miss. Pete & Jay have put in a ton of work to make this final round of the 2019 Outlaw Series special, with both the sections. loop and camping all first class.  - Don’t miss this one - it will be awesome.
Image may contain: tree, plant, outdoor and naturePlease Note : The Vintage Trial - Will start at Noon on Saturday  - the Modern will go Sunday at 10 am. - Any questions - Call Outlaw Dave at (250) 545-6139 - scroll down to see the poster with Jay’s ph number.Finally - We will be loading the van tomorrow - so if you need anything - let us know ( We already have quite a few orders for parts)

We got an email from Andy Huddleston, last night - to say that they were just boarding the Aircraft to return to England.  He Mentioned  that they had a wonderful visit to Canada, and hope to come back one day - I forgot to ask him if he had entered the 2020 Scottish - an event that he always excels at.

If you read this Andy - Thanks for stopping to see us - it was great to chat and you have a very nice family - good luck to your lad with his riding - maybe he will end up on a 125 TRS ?   Safe travels.

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