Friday August 30th 2019

Most of our Western Trials riders will recognize Brett Clark on the left - but some of the newer members, might not know that the guy he is shaking hands with, is 11 times British Trials Champion Sammy Miller. -  Back in the day  (50’s) Sam built his own Trials bike in Ireland  rode it to the ferry - over to Scotland - rode the Scottish Six Days - then rode it back to Ireland.-  ( Take a minute to let that sink in) -

He was also a great road racer ( seems to be an Irish  thing) - I saw him in the Isle of Man in 1957 - He was running 3rd in the 125 class - and made a brilliant pass on  Provini and  the other great Italian Ubialli  - this was right in front of where we were watching. ( Sorry if I don’t have the correct spelling for these great racers from the past)  At that time the MV 125’s were doing 100mph going down bray hill !!! ( Yes the Japs were watching)
A lot of Trials people don’t know that both Bob and Brett Clark,  have ridden in the famous Scottish Six Days Trial  - They continue to support Trials as a dealer for Beta and Importers for TRS.
For my part - ( I think I’ve posted this before) I dealt with Sammy for about 30 years, bringing in his very special parts - I also rode a National Trial in Wales. that Sammy won. - The fact that he has done so much for Motorcycle Sport is incredible - as a rider, as the owner of likely the best Motorcycle Museum in the World. - and still going strong at I think about 85 years old now.  Well done Sammy.  ( Unfortunately, I never got to shake his hand)
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So the long weekend is here - and the Outlaw van is pretty much loaded for the trip to Ymir - I will be going via Hiway 33 because of the Ferry issues. - As always, I have tried to put on as much as I can  for parts and accessories ( Including front wheel bearings for Kolten’s Beta !!!!)  Not sure what time I will get away - a customer coming this morning to pick up parts - then I have to stop and buy groceries ( this all gets to be a challenge as we age)

And this is where all the action will be for the long weekend - We will post all the pics and video when we get back on Monday.

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Here is a close up of the TRS Electric start X Track model - Heath had a good look at the first one that Steve Saunders has in the UK.
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