Tuesday September 3rd 2019

Sorry for the tardy report from the weekend - but while I did manage to post quite a lot of stuff on FB and send a report to Trials Canada ( Now up on the front page)  I’m afraid it was an early night for me after not sleeping too well in the Outlaw van, for three nights, plus a rather late start to the day. - Anyway here goes with some thoughts on the Fantastic Trial at Ymir.

1956 Ariel HT5 at the Ymir Outlaw Trial

The drive to Ymir via the Southern route because of the threatened Ferry strike, only took about an extra  half hour, and the weather was beautiful - in fact the whole weekend was perfect, a little hot perhaps for the riders, but with most sections in the trees, nobody complained.

I was quite surprised on arrival, to find the campground at Pete’s place already quite full, a good sign for Round #4 of the Outlaw Series. - The Friday night campfire was a hoot as always, in fact this tradition carried on all weekend, although I must confess to hitting the sack early - ( not like the old days)

The Saturday Vintage Trial had a good entry - 11 signed up, but one old Sherpa T refused to cooperate and this left ten riders for the two classes. - The big surprise, was seeing a 1956 Ariel 500 competing, in the very capable hands of the owner from South of the border, in fact there were quite a number of riders from the USA, another rider had an old Hodaka, which were popular back in the day, but perhaps the class of the field in the “A” class, was the very nice Ossa of winner Don Doerksen. Unfortunately I did not get the results from Saturday, but did take a lot of pics and video, many of which have been posted on FB. ( Will post results asap)

Pressing on to the Sunday Modern Trial - it was great to see a total of 47 riders sign up for the six classes, with riders from Alberta, BC and the USA - The sections were very well thought out, with a mixture of tight turns in the steep hillsides, plus rocky climbs and a visit to the quarry  adjoining Pete’s property. - The Expert sections proved challenging, and took a lot of points, although winner Stan Bakgaard only edged buddy Steve Day, by a single point after two loops ( The other classes did three loops)

There is no doubt that the Outlaw series, is very popular, and the Ymir event was a fitting climax to the 2019 year.  We will be posting the full results, just as soon as I can get them sorted, but here are the top three in each class for the Superb Ymir event. - A huge thanks to all the organizers, who made the 4 events sanctioned by WTC - such a success.


1 Stan Bakgaard    Scorpa   Yale BC   47 points

2 Steve Day          Vertigo   Mission BC 48

3 Jacek Jablonski   Mont    Red Deer  AB  61


1 Byron Neu  Scorpa   Calgary  AB    34

2 Trent Burgess  Scorpa  Idaho US   37

3 Brian McNeal  Mont   Vancouver BC 38

Senior Advanced

1 Gord Rinke  TRS  Priddis  AB   9

2 Ross Rathbone Beta  Scotch Creek BC 39

3 Jay Colley  Mont  Ymir  BC   42


1 Oliver Jablonski  Mont  Red Deer AB    12

2 Justin Surina   GG   Nelson  BC           21

3 Ty Morrison   Beta  Scotch Creek  BC   29


1 Todd Stanly   Bultaco   USA      2

2 Paul Foran      ?            ?         16

3 Andrew Vipond  TRS  Vernon  BC 18


1 Dean Seaman   Beta  Sorrento  BC  8

2 Taff Parfitt   Beta  Sherwood Park AB  13

3 Matt Parsins  Bultaco  USA    16

Sorry I did not pick up all the entry forms, so had to go from memory for some riders home towns. - Keep checking the blog for more updates.

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