Wednesday September 4th 2019

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An unusual angle shot I got of Stan at Ymir - He beat out Steve Day by just one point to take the Expert win at a brilliant Outlaw Series #4..

We saw   some fantastic riding while out taking pics and video - to watch the old Ariel was something special, and meeting so many new people, it really was a wonderful weekend.
Here are the results for the Vintage event which went on Saturday.

Vintage A

1 Don Doerksen    Ossa  -  Mission  BC    16

2 Stan Bakgaard    Bul    - Yale  BC         25

3 Jay Colley           Bul    - Ymir  BC         50

4 Walter Cukavac   Fantic - Spruce Grove  AB - 104

Vintage  B

1  Todd Stanley    - Hodaka   -  USA      15

2 Matt Parsons      - Ariel      -  USA        22

3 Leon Bustin       - Yam       - Ymir  BC   23

4 Kaden White      - Yam    - Ymir  BC       53

So yesterday was another busy day - first catching up on paperwork, month end etc - then unloading more stuff out of the van ( still lots left to do in this regard).


Here is a link to a very good article on the section in Scotland called “The Devil’s Staircase” - I remember watching at that location in the 1972 SSDT

More News as it happens >>

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