Monday September 9th 2019

A rather wet weekend in the Valley, but for me that was OK, because I took the time to kick back and catch up on some much needed sleep and relaxation- the previous few weeks of driving long distances, to events etc really took it out of me,  so time to ease up a bit - Have a Doc appointment this morning, but feeling OK now.


After taking another look at the overall results for the 2019 Outlaw Series, we discovered that in the Expert Class, both Steve Day, and Pierce McNeal  - had the Exact same number of points, having ridden in three of the 4 scheduled events. Therefore we will do as we have in the past (for this series) and engrave both names on the Annual Plaque and both will receive a smaller Plaque.  - ( We feel this is the only fair way)


Today we will try to catch up on stuff - bike is still in the van from last Thursday !! - also time to do some tidying up in the car port.   - Ship some accessories out etc etc.

Have not heard how the events went at both Ioco and Vernon Mountain - but I’m sure the stormy weather likely effected attendance.  Not that we had it bad compared to the folks down East -  We have friends visiting the Nova Scotia area, what a  bad choice of timing, Although our Beta Importer let us know that their place was not effected badly.

The weather is supposed to improve mid week, when we have some friends from Australia stopping by for a visit.

The TDN takes place on September 29th   ( The day after my daughter gets married) but there will be no Canadian Team - much has been written on the reasons, but simply put, It appears that it is because of the complete lack of leadership shown by the CMA. - The same thing has happened with the MX riders in Canada.     ( There could be other reasons but certainly it is a shame)
Of course the fact that the Canadian Teams are expected to pay their own way, is a huge hurdle, with travel costs always being a big issue.

The TDN is usually the time when Beta unveil their new Trials models  it will be interesting to see if they have made any updates to the Evo, which has remained pretty much unchanged for 10 years. ( Not that there is anything wrong with the bike)

Next up on our Calendar, is the Brown Memorial Trial on October 5-6 at Celista BC -(Scotch Creek area)  This is at the property of Martin & Julie Lucas and will be a first time effort for them.  - Having visited this location a number of times, I can tell you that it has some good stuff for sections, not the huge rocks of Ymir but very technical climbs.

I will have more on this later.


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