Saturday October 5th 2019

So by the time most read this - I will be well on my way to the Brown Memorial Trial in the Shuswap.  On board we have a  2019 Beta 200-( Demo)  a New 2019 Beta Evo 300 Super Smooth and a New Beta Evo 300 4T  - Many people have not even seen these models, so it will be a chance to check them out.  Prices are crazy - almost FREE.
We also have some of the New Wulf Trials boots on board, as well as some Wulf clothing -( a couple of rain suits!!) Gloves etc.  We will have special end of season deals on lots of stuff including one Gas Back Pak  complete with three bottles for only $160. -   However  unless you ordered ahead - don’t expect the van to be crammed with every part in the shop as this is the last Trial of the year.

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Video for today >>

And if you think that Trials riding is all about Hopping & Bopping - Check out this video of     Gary MacDonald riding the famous Trotters Burn Section - used every year in the Scottish Six Days and yes he is on a Vintage Triumph Tiger Cub. Absolutely brilliant.  ( Of course he lives just down the road !!!)

I was chatting to Stan about this and he mentioned how Trotters has altered in the past couple of years with big storms and washouts making the top section more like Witches Burn.
# Topoftrotters


Dougie has just announced that he has had to withdraw from next week’s Scott Trial - The Time & Observation event that is rated as the toughest one day Trial in the World.  Seems Dougie pulled something and as you need to be super fit in order to win this event ( And that is always his plan) he has decided to sit this one out. - As an example of how exhausting Time Trials are    ( And I’ve ridden a few)  take a look at this pic of Dougie after last year.

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Have a great weekend - You will if you  are at  the Trial -  More news & pics  Monday

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