Tuesday October 7th 2019

Looking back at the Event from the weekend - there were so many great moments  - I can’t tell you how happy I am to be able to “Pass the Torch” to the Shuswap group — who did another really great job with the Brown Memorial. - I always get a bit of a lump in my throat, when talking about both Pete and Ady - they were such great guys. but at least we are keeping their memories alive by holding this annual event - plus donating more money to the Cancer fund.
We saw some people that we hadn’t seen for a couple of years - Jason Munns has been tied up building a house in Penticton so it was a treat to see him again, then Kevin Lutz and his boy were also there and of course we always get great support from the families in the area - Jake’s Mum found my cell phone out on the loop -

Of course one of the best things about all our Trials, is the Saturday night campfire - plus Ross has been doing an awesome job for the past few years  providing a Cook-out for everybody.  - I’m sure I have likely told the same stories many times as the evening merriment goes on each year.  - ( Everybody is very kind and listens)

We have had a few calls today from people who really liked the sections  - it is so good to have a Variety - over the year ( Not all big Rock Walls)

The results are now all posted correctly on Trials Canada, although I must confess that I was lazy and didn’t do the usual breakdown for Bob regarding home towns and machines.  I guess it just suffices to say everybody had a blast - roll on 2020.

Check out these videos by Celine Zanders -



Sorry the video clips don’t seem to have downloaded.

This pic of the Three “Amigos” was taken by Celine.
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Young Christian Zanders admiring his 1st place medal.

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And  a Barb Seaman pics  of Stan.
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Anybody looking for an “End of Season” Trials bargain ?  We have a couple of Beta demos for sale - Andrew Vipond needs to sell his 2013 GG 300 - and Sammy called to say he  also has a couple of Gassers that need to go, plus his 2018 TRS is still up for grabs - give me a shout if you want more info.


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