Tuesday October 22nd 2019

Me on the Beta Alp that I should never have sold - it was like new & brilliant.Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor


Another great pic of Al Perrett with Turk and Bob - all great buddies (Taken a few years ago)
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How  about this blast from the past - Dave Bickers on the Greeves at a snowy Scramble in England
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As mentioned earlier - We heard so many stories while visiting Al Perrett last Sunday  - Al told us that  Mel Skaar had died   earlier this year. - Mel was a Mountain of a man - both in stature and when it came to drinking Whisky  - We all spent a lot of happy times with Mel, who had a wicked sense of humor - after he quit racing - he would stand on the other side of a river crossing at a Cross Country event, and yell for you to come this way “Over Here” - most of us who knew Mel, would take another route, but those that didn’t, usually found that “Over Here” mean’t the water was over the tank - then Mel would kill himself laughing - it was only the fact that he was such a big man, that prevented him getting lynched.

Other names that came up in the conversation were John Arcand, Ron Harvey, Ted MCann, and Denny McBee  - all dead now - plus Murray Nutt, who  last we heard had bone Cancer. - All very sad - but we sure had a lot of laughs remembering the special times we had back in the 70’s.


Well! - There are a lot of disappointed people in Western Canada today, as the result of the election begin to sink in..  But no good dwelling on it - time to move on.

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