Friday October 25th 2019

This a shot of Sammy Miller on an old Bultaco Matador - he rode one of these to a Gold medal in the Isle of Man ISDT in 1973.   - I had one on order in 1971, when I was supposed to go on the Team, but I broke my leg.

- Our buddy Turk from Victoria also rode one in the Island, and did well ( I’m sure he will send me details to refresh my memory)
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Dave Fair posted a bunch of pics on FB of the CMA National that went last weekend - looks like they had a pretty good turn out in the rain. Results are pending.  Here is a video - you might need to type in the link.


Anybody recognize  this AJS Factory rider ??   - Hint - he won the Scottish Six Days 5 times
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Here’s another video of some crazy Trials stunt riding

Moto Trials Riding in a Scrapyard


Christmas Special for a Junior rider - Brilliant little Beta Evo 80 smaller wheels than it’s big brother -   call Outlaw Dave quick if you want us to hold this as it’s the last one.

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Check out this video of the TRS Xtrack - We have them on order and will also have a standard model in for looky-loos next week - Demos can be arranged .
TRS Motorcycles Factory


As you all know - The Classic scene in Europe is the BIG  thing in Trials right now - the reason ?  the sections are more like the sport was intended to be, and the risk factor ( a REAL issue in modern Trials) is low  plus the laid back family/ party type atmosphere is more popular. - Not that the bikes are not “Trick” in fact most who ride these events spend thousands of dollars on making the old bikes perform better. - Take a look at this Ossa

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Perhaps another attraction with the old bikes, is the nostalgia - did anybody see the pics of the guy from the USA at the Outlaw/Ymir event on the 1956 Ariel ?  If you did not - please scroll back. - Looking back to 1986 - the first year I organized the Outlaw Trial - The idea was to bring your old plonker out on Saturday for a bit of fun at no charge - then ride your modern bike on the Sunday. - At this time there was no plan to make this an annual event !! - guess what I think we are now going into our 34th year.

In the past couple of years, the vintage class has suffered, mainly because I’ve not been able to get out there and promote it. - However, the Scotch Creek event turned out well and I see a lot of good things happening for 2020 in all  our Outlaw Series.  -   So this is the challenge !! who is going to work over the winter, and bring out the “Trickest” twin shock at the first round of the Outlaw Series in 2020?

Hmmm ! Maybe we should have a trophy for the best looking vintage bike?   - If you have an idea on this - shoot me a line.
Meanwhile I had better take another look at my TY 175 !!!  ( Psst I hear Stan has an old vintage Monty)


Now this is vintage !!
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