Monday October 28th 2019

When I was 15 years old, - the local Motorcycle Dealer had one of these in his shop window, and every night, myself and my buddy, would walk uptown and look at it. - One evening it was gone, and I felt shattered as I was saving up all my money from an apprentice  pay, to buy it.

Fortunately things worked out for the best when the following year James introduced the new Swing arm technology - and I managed to get  a 1955 James 197.
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Flashback to 1969 and my first Trial on a Bultaco at Lethbridge AB  - left to right John Jensen, Outlaw Dave, Terry Porter and Ron Harvey. ( Check out the bars on Ron’s Matador)
'Taken in 1970 Left to right John Jenson, Dave Rhodes, Terry Porter, Ron Harvey - taken at a Lethbridge Alberta Trial.'

This  is Alex doing a bit of posing at Summerland yesterday - he is new to the sport but shows great potential.
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The three “Amigos”  - Dale, Dave and Brent. - high up on a ridge.
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Both the Beta Evo 125 and the new Wulf Trials boots performed perfectly. ( And I hate wearing new boots)
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I must say that we enjoyed a brilliant day out riding yesterday, just rode the bikes out of Dales yard and up onto Crown Land - what a great area. - Dale took us on a long challenging loop with a couple of big hills that had me a bit apprehensive on the little Beta ( not knowing what gear to pull)  but glad to say it flew up no problem. - Some nice technical trails followed - a real good work-out.  - Later Babsy and myself went out for supper at the Lodge with our Daughter & Son in Law - a great ending to a perfect day.

Meanwhile up in Yellowknife - it was a slightly different weather picture !!  But Dennis and his buddies likely had fun.
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Jim Snell explains the TRS Electric start system.

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