Tuesday October 29th 2019

A couple of Heath Brindley’s  friends  Playing in Wales  - one vintage Fantic - one modern Beta. - I sure would have like to have been there that day  - That is what Trials is all about.
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Your video for today

Below is a pic of Trev Deeley - Trev was my first boss when I joined Yamaha Motor Canada in 1973 - He was a great guy.  Always keen on racing, and also on the side of the dealer.  He died too young.
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Another great Trials video - we have this on VHS  - Shows Dougie’s first big win in the UK - while he was on Beta.

It was interesting having a new rider along on Sunday, because as is often the case - the first thing they always want to do is tackle the biggest obstacle or jump high etc - not that I was any different when I was young.
Of course back in my day, all we had was one book on “How to ride Trials by Max King” - which I must have read a hundred times. - no videos or training programs.  - So this is why I like to spend time with new enthusiasts, giving the pointers both on  basic technique and also advice on laying out a practice section.
After watching Alix riding a particular section on Sunday ( one they had been doing many times before)  I said - that was good - but as you crossed your tracks, it was a “5″ - this was  news to them, and when I laid out the section a different way - it proved to be even more challenging ( but all about body position and reading the correct line)
Hopefully Alix will stick at the sport as he has some natural talent and impressed me with some of his ability.
If you have never been to Scotland and the Scottish Six Day Trial - Be sure to put it on your  -  Bucket List - It is without doubt one of the most amazing events ever invented, back at the turn of the century.
I know I’ve posted this before - but it is a bit of a rare shot - Barry and myself out on the two Fantics I had back a few years, - the one I’m sitting on  is now owned by Walter - the other one became a parts bike which Steve Richardson has.
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UPDATE:  Just got the results from the Ioco Trial from Sunday  - Looks like a lot of new names up there - Sean Bird (Scorpa) took expert ahead of Alex Walton, (TRS)  but Dean Wandler (Beta) grabbed 3rd - making a return to competition after a number of years.  - It appears they had a good turn out and scores would suggest sensible sections. The full story should be up on Trials Canada later today.

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