Friday November 1st 2019

What a great shot this is ( not sure who took it)  Bernie Schreiber watches Gary MacDonald at the top of Pipeline, in the recent Vintage Trial held near Kinlochleven Scotland.  - There is no doubt that Bernie’s return to the Classic Trial scene has sparked a lot of new interest in a lot of places.  ( This is what I call “A section” and I’ve been there)
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So I finally relented and sold my 2019 Evo 200 to Brian Kearl of Calgary - Brian has bought a few bikes from us and the plan is to meet up with him in Golden tomorrow ( Saturday)  This 200 was the only one that we managed to get this year - (although we ordered 6) -  As most people know, we have been promoting this model since 2009 when it first came on the market- simply put - it is likely the best bike for 40% of the riders out there.  while the early bike was a 125 based engine and a small 26mm carb - the later one was much better with the 250 bottom end and the 28 Keihin.  We have spent quite a bit of time “tricking” these up, but for most they work really well stock - and are a real “giant killer”  - ( Now it remains to be seen if the Factory fulfills it’s promise and makes it again for 2020.


Weather looks good so far for the drive - we will just have to see how it goes.   And of course, we will be up for a ride on Sunday ( some rain forecast) but I really want to get one more ride in around the Outlaw Loop in Summerland - not sure what I will be on ? have a few to choose from in the shop . - If you would like to join me please drop me an email. ( It’s open to everybody we are not a closed group !! although old guys tend to stick together)

I got another call from an older gent - asking about Trials - He had always had a hankering to try it - but after watching some of the videos  0n U tube -  he was perplexed. - Once again I told the story and maybe this guy will decide to buy a bike and get out. -  I wonder how many riders we lose, because they think Trials is all “Hop & Bop”


Halloween came & went - living out in the Country, we never get any Trick or Treater’s   at our door  so all was quiet.


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