Sunday November 3rd 2019

No this is not a pic from today or in fact this year - but it was a surprise when Max showed up a couple of year’s ago to pick up his new TRS in a goddam snowstorm.
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Of course the word SNOW - brings me to the next topic - as Saturday - I drove back from Golden in a          Shit - Show    started snowing just past the truck weigh scale & by the time I got to the top of the pass -it was a convoy doing 60 k .    ( Just as well I have  over 30 years of Highway driving record on tap)   Then at the last snow shed before the drop down to Revy - somebody had piled into the side wall, so that added to the fun - we managed to alternate traffic to get through this multi vehicle mess.  - I was almost in Revy before cops & blood wagon zipping by, heading up to the accident lights flashing.   -

Earlier in the day, on my way out -  I stopped in Revy for a coffee with Chris, Flo & Terry - had a good chat - seems Chris is flying out to Portugal today to help out on the Canadian ISDE Team with Dave Chambers. -  The drive over the top at that time was not bad - just rain & a bit of slush. but a lot can change in the mountains in a couple of hours..  Anyway - I met up with Brian at the Husky Truck stop in Golden and he picked up the Evo 200 that I had. He was pretty happy. ( Bike was immaculate)

Today - we plan to head for Summerland . - meeting at the gate at 10.30 - Don’t forget the clocks went back last night.


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