Monday November 4th 2019

After the Saturday “Snow Show” - It was nice to spend the day down in Summerland, riding one of the old Outlaw loops with Dale ( nobody else showed up)  - I did see a lot of Enduro bikes headed up the road past where we ride,  the local club were having a trail clear up day - seems they had 18 riders out.

However we didn’t see anybody all day.  - ( Nice an quiet) - I took the Evo 125 out again and the little bike performed just perfectly all day - handling the big hills with no problems.  ( The more you ride the little bikes the better you understand them)
We did the ride over the top overlooking the airstrip, before heading across Rowdy Flats ( no wild horses today)  then along the tricky narrow trail we call the horse-shit trail - over to the back side by “Adrian’s Wall”  -  - the large trees that blocked this trail, had been cut to allow either Enduro of horse-back riders through - so we didn’t have to ride up the rocky side-hill   which has caused issues for quite a few people.  We did notice that a lot of the rocks had been “dug out” on the trail , suggesting that knobby tired bikes have been using  it.
The pic below was taken on the way back, overlooking the valley with Giant’s Head and Summerland in the distance - what a fabulous day to be out.
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Back at the parking area - Dale had a go on the little bike - the first Beta he has ever ridden - even managed a few wheelies ( once he found the right gear !!)
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And here is an action shot of Ben Hemmingway at the big Enduro in Germany last weekend - he didn’t have a good day !!  Not sure what this caption says.
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Just saw this posted by “Retro Trial”  - seems to tell the story about our sport today - You need to figure out the translation. >>>>
What’s going on with the trial,?  and let no one tell me that in yellow or green it’s difficult huh!!!. In The 70,80, 90, 2000 still together 100
Pilots by trial, in any regional 70 fixed, and the public? It gets bored, it’s a horror no one knows the regulation, repeats itself, moves with your feet on the floor as if it were the bike a wheelbarrow to do?

Here is a pic of Jordi - when he was “King”
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And in case you didn’t know it - KTM did build a few special Trials bikes back in the day - this one campaigned by German  rider Walter Luft.

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