Thursday November 7th 2019

All the Trials and Enduro Factories spend a ton of money in promoting at the Milan Show. - Here is shot of part of the large Beta booth.
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Here are the details for rule changes in the UK for 2020
The Auto-Cycle Union, the primary motorcycle sport organizing body in the UK  has decided to mount an experiment in the trials championship series for 2020.

In essence it is a reversion to the stop permitted rules for the predominantly English and Welsh based series.

This is an attempt to inject new life into a series which has been commented upon as being sparsely contested over the past few years.

Details are as follows (Source ACU website: )

* New marking system named “ACU Trial GB” (British Trials Championship) which will include a one-minute time allowance for each section to be traversed.

* Competitors may stop, go sideways or reverse without penalty. Going backwards whilst footing will incur a five-mark penalty.

* The ACU Trial 125 Class will be open to any rider over the age of 14, but riders between the age of 14 to 16 will require permission from the ACU to compete.

* Assistants will be allowed in the ACU Trial GB Class only.

* Competitors for the ACU Trial GB and ACU Trial 2 Classes will be asked to Register at the start of the year to be allocated a permanent number.

* The top six from the 2019 ACU Trial 2 Class will not be permitted to move down a class for 2020.

* An additional one Championship Point will be awarded to the best performance on observation on each lap of the Trial to all four classes.

* There will be the option for a third route for the ACU Trial 2 Class, with separate colored markers.

* The Series Manager will visit each Organizer in advance of each round and discuss section layout with each Clerk of the Course and advise that protocol for section layout be much the same as 2019, with emphasis that the Expert route cater for the majority of  the entry.

* Riders need to carefully consider which class they will compete in during the season as moving down a class during the season will mean the rider will not score points in the new class. It is recognized that the ACU Trial GB Class is likely to be smaller than in 2019.

Series Manager, Brian Higgins commented, “We actually had more organizers wanting to run a round of the championship this year and some were disappointed. However, the aim is to introduce some new venues into the series, and I am sure the ones left out will be offered a round in future years.

Dates and venues released are:

Saturday March 7th Hookwood, Surrey; Sunday April 5th Neath, South Wales; Sunday June 14th Harrogate, Yorkshire; Saturday June 27th Bovey Tracey, Devon; Sunday June 28th Tavistock, Devon; Sunday 26th July Scarborough, Yorkshire; Saturday August 15th Llanbedr, Wales; Sunday August 16th Llandiloes. Wales;  Sunday 27th September (Reserve Date).


A nice touch going on the Canadian Women’s Team bikes at the event in Portugal . Remembering Gloria.
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We had an email from Julie yesterday, telling us that they have had a rather unwelcome visitor  hanging around their Shuswap property for the past couple of weeks - A very large Grizzly - luckily they have managed to avoid him and the Cougar who has also been checking out the sections from the last Trial. - Life in the Canadian Wilderness can be exciting.


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