Friday November 22nd 2019

So what do you think is the most common misspelled  word in our sport?  Of course it’s TRIAL  - for decades, we have been correcting folk who write it out as TRAIL - usually because they think we don’t know how to spell.  - I guess because our sport is so low on the Radar - people think we all ride TRAIL BIKES. - Ah ! Well - all we can do is continue to educate them.


While Dougie Lampkin has been getting all the glory now for decades, the Lampkin family have produced Super stars since the 1960’s - Arthur ( Dougie’s Uncle)  was a Champion in Scrambles, Trials and ISDT competition. He was a factory BSA rider for most of his career and is still alive.
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Here is a pic of Harlow Rankin - it was Harlow who was one of the founders of the ATRA when he lived in Cochrane AB many years ago - He did a tremendous amount of work - mailing out a monthly Newsletter, and sold Beta Trials bikes for Don Clark in the early years. -He brought Bernie Schreiber to Canada for at least one Trials School, and hosted a number of events in Alberta.  - Harlow still rides and has a collection of immaculate Trials bikes at his home in Nanaimo BC.  -
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While the OK Valley was completely  “Socked in”  with heavy white frost on all the trees, yesterday - I decided to scrape the windshield on the Outlaw Van, and head over to Roy’s place in ‘The Valley of the Sun”  which is located near Fintry on the West side of Okanagan Lake.  At this time of the year, you never know when a big dump of snow might put a stop to things  -       ( especially as we grow old)  - So it was a pleasant surprise to break out into the sunshine when I arrived at  this location & after a cup of coffee and a chat - we headed out on the Beta’s -Roy on his trusty Evo 250, and me on the 2019 Evo 300 4T.  - We have managed to find some interesting stuff to ride over the past couple of years, with some nice trails and a variety of sections available ( but no big rock walls - which is OK)  - Here are a couple of pics we took the first looking South down towards Kelowna with the Lake clouded over. - the second of myself on the Evo 4T which I’ve enjoyed riding .  ( As you can see no frost on the trees)
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Sharp eyed viewers will notice that I’m wearing the new Wulf Trials boots, which are much improved and really comfortable - plus of course all the other great Wulf products, Helmet jacket gloves etc - all available from Outlaw.


We’ve heard that one of the top young British  lads will be “Jumping ship”  when his contract ends next month - but until the official notice, we are sworn to secrecy - watch this space for all the latest news.


For a really interesting read on the current situation in World Trials - Check out this interview with Albert Cabestany on Todo Trial  ( Don’t forget to click the English flag at the top)

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