Saturday November 23rd 2019

In weather news - snow is in the forecast for a lot of places, including the Valley, so I think my riding season might be over, especially as my old Rotary Cuff injury is acting up.

We had a shipment of Opti snowmobile oil arrive yesterday - a sure sign of winter.
Of course we are still open for business for anyone wanting a great deal on a 2019 Beta or TRS - if you just want to come and “Kick tires” & chat - that’s OK -  Lots of stuff in stock for Christmas presents. - just give me a call. (250) 545-6139

Over in Alberta - it’s Grey Cup weekend, although I have almost no interest in Football. (  I think they might have snow)

We’ve heard from Julie in the Shuswap, to tell us that things are all geared up for a busy snowmobile season - and that Banjo the Grizz is still hanging around, but they have not had anymore “close encounters”


A few guys still getting out in the OK Valley - here is a nice pic taken by John Baxter - not sure of the exact location.

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Here is a pic from Thursday - Roy is checking his phone !!

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