Wednesday November 27th 2019

After World War Two, money was short, but it was perhaps one of the best times to get into Motorcycling - cheap transport and cheap sport.- We used the same bike for everything - just changed tires, sometimes gear ratios etc.  Most Trials events were held during the winter months in the UK - lots of muddy sections, with many of the top road racers of that era competing to hone their skills and keep fit. - Riders, like World Champ Geoff Duke and John Hartle used to enter our local events, and were very good.  This pic is of a Scottish rider on a Greeves struggling to get through a mud section.  - I put a similar section in the FIM World Trial back in 1975 and saw a lot of  “Steam engines”  - Although this might seem strange today - remember that back then, Trials was classed as a test of Machine Reliability and the Stamina of the rider ( Hence the long loops of around 50-70 miles)
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One of the large Trials dealers in the UK has a demo day happening this weekend, and Steve Saunders will be there with all the new 2020 TRS bikes - including this lovely electric start Xtrack model.  We have a new 2019  version ( without the e start) in stock and they are simply gorgeous. - Feel free to stop by & take a look - but best to call first.

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Here is a great Chris Sharp pic of Bernie Schreiber from the Classic Trial he rode in Scotland a couple of months ago - perhaps the most talked about thing on the web - has been that Bernie actually has his finger on the clutch. - he has been very vocal about riders using the clutch too much.   But of course on the old bikes these never worked very well anyway, so that is why a smooth throttle and making use of the heavy flywheels worked the best. - Now, I can’t ride without a finger on the clutch - the modern technique is much better in my opinion, making everything much easier. without the need to resort to any circus acts.

Interestingly, I only ever owned one SWM - and sold it very quickly, as I couldn’t get along with it at all at the time.
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