Saturday November 30th 2019

The last day of the month, and already the Christmas lights etc, are going up - this cold snap will keep the snow away, but once it warms up, I’m guessing winter will be with us for real.  ( -12 this morning)
While we think Christmas has become over commercialized  - we hope everybody gets the presents they are hoping for - We are shipping out lots of Trials stuff, and still have a Beta 80 that would be perfect for any youngster.

Being pretty much retired, the bad weather doesn’t bother me too much, not like when I had to drive all over - life on the road was tough, especially when working for myself on a limited budget.


This is a pic taken by Roger Boothroyd, at the FIM World Trial that I set up West of Calgary, back in 1975. - The rider in the foreground is former World Champ ( and winner of the event)  Yrjo Vesterinen - while our old friend Pete Smith can be seen  sitting on the Kawasaki close behind. - I think the USA Honda rider is the late Joe Guglimelli and  the rider to Pete’s right in the pic in yellow gear, is Lane Leavitt
'We think this is a pic of Charles Coutard on the Sherpa T that Vesty recently recovered. - This was taken at the FIM World Round in 1975 near Calgary Alberta.'


For the folk already looking to next season, perhaps check out this link to the Scottish Six Days site - lots of info available here. >>> # ssdt      and this one that shows Dougie >>>># jitsie


Next week the Jurassic Trial in Costa Rica takes place - this appears to be getting more and more popular, with riders from all over the World attending.  - From looking at some of the pics from last year - the event certainly seems to be held in some wild and exotic terrain - with bikes being ferried across rivers etc.


Chatting to somebody the other day about riding and the difference when you get old - when you’re young, you look for the toughest stuff to ride - when you age - you look for the easy way .

And because I like airplanes - thought I would post this neat shot.
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Here’s a great shot of the late Ulf Karlson, showing perfect form doing a Floater turn - arm up & inside leg into tank . He was World Champion one year.
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