Sunday December 1st 2019

Big news from the UK today, with young Toby Martyn signing with TRS - we have known about this for some time from our contacts in the UK. But were sworn to secrecy until his current Contract ended with Beta.  Seems Toby was not all that happy with how things were going with the Italian Team, and will now be the #1 rider for Steve Saunders, with full factory backing from Jordi Tarres and TRS Spain.

UPDATE :Toby Martyn won first time out at the Southern Experts Trial Today - Ross Danby (TRS) was 2nd.
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As we head into the cold winter months - many people will be spending time either in front of the TV - or on the computer looking at old Trials Videos .- So what I’m about to say will likely shock a few people, considering I’m a real Trials addict.

#1  The latest Hop & bop videos that keep showing up, to me are quite frankly  BORING!! - and if I’m saying this, I wonder what the average person on the street thinks? There is no question that the latest crop of stunt riders have tremendous talent.  But it all looks like the same thing, over and over.

I think all this stunt riding is better kept to Arena style Trials in front of  a paying audience.

( I used to like watching Formula One - but find this also very boring these day)

#2 The Electric Trials bikes  also, do absolutely nothing for me - (except for kids ) -I think for the majority of enthusiasts,  Motorcycles have always been about the sound and the smell - not that bikes need to be loud, it’s the way they sound that I have always found exciting, from single cylinder Road racers, like the Manx Norton, to the Multi Cylinder Italian models. - Even the crackle from the stubby exhaust on the two stroke scramblers from the 1960’s was a thrill.
Now obviously some of the younger folk, will say - “Oh that’s just the old man talking”  as indeed it is,  - However, I do keep a close eye on all aspects of the sport, as I have for many decades, and what I see happening at the moment - certainly is not attracting new riders.

What is working, are the family style events using natural terrain for all abilities with the main ingredient being “FUN”.  - Did you know that 60% of all Trials bikes sold, are never used in Competition?  That’s why I think the new Xtrack model from TRS will be popular, especially with the electric start.

Trial on the Island today - see poster >>

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We took one of these TR34 Betas in trade many years ago, and although I don’t think I rode it any events - I remember being impressed at how small and maneuverable it was. - I think this was the first Trials bike with an expansion chamber, which enabled top riders like Jordi to sling shot up steep rock walls.Image may contain: outdoor and nature

Here’s one for the Ladies >>

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Helmut Clasen posted this from 1962 at the ISDT - showing the large Optimol banner - he mentioned that all the riders using this oil back then , finished the event. ( This has not changed today  we still Distribute this fine product)
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This is the last Beta Evo 80 Junior in stock for this year (all sold out)  It would make some youngster happy under the Christmas Tree. ( These are a very good investment for Parents as they hold their value)
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And finally today - Looking for some training tips?  check out the RYP videos on U tube  RYP TV : MotoTrials How To #1 - Walk and Ride … - YouTube


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