Tuesday January 7th 2020

Some interesting news from Fantic >>>


Although Italian boutique brand Fantic has built racing motorcycles for years, they haven’t been a player in the world of motocross for a long time. That is about to change and Fantic has signed a deal with Motori Minarelli that will give them access to not only Yamaha engines, since Yamaha owns Minarelli, but also Yamaha’s frames and other parts. Don’t think of the Fantic 125XX and 250XX as warmed-over Yamaha’s as they have plans to use as many aftermarket parts as possible on the all-new 2021 Fantics, which won’t surface on the showroom floors until later in 2020. Expect a very special set of motocross bikes—with the possibility of Athena cylinders and other trickery. The motors on the YZ125, YZ125X (for the Fantic 125XE) and YZ250 will be “livened up” from their based configurations and internal designs originating from Yamaha and mated with Athena hardware parts and modifications, Fantic says


The 2020 Dakar Rally continues this week  with a tough couple of days Monday /Tuesday with only a 10 minute time for any repairs at the end of Monday.  Laia Sanz had a fall and was helped by  Gas Gas Team mate Johny Aubert - not sure if she broke anything.  Here she is flying through the desert.

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Here is an interesting read by Lawrence Hacking who rode the Dakar - He also worked at Yamaha Canada for a while when I was there, plus  was a founding member of the WEC.

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One of the greatest Motorcycle legends in the World - Sammy Miller - A winner in road racing ( here seen on his NSU) - and a Multi time British/European  Trials Champion. - He now owns and operates one of the largest Motorcycle Museums in the World  ( Still riding at age 86)  The full fairings on the racing bikes of the 50’s were called “Dustbins” by the Brits, but were later banned as being dangerous in windy conditions, like they have at the Isle of Man TT races.  ( I saw Sammy race this bike at the 1957 TT)
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As we are in the winter season - we thought this great Ice Racing pic would be good to post

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And a quick glance through the window early today, shows more snow - although people who like winter sports can’t wait for these conditions ( and we do need the snow-pack in the Mountains) -For us old folk, it usually just means we stay home more, and look back on memories from the Summer months, and if you are like me, maybe recall how we used to get out in the snow when we were younger, both in Alberta and BC.  - Obviously it can be a lot of fun, whether you like to Ski or Snowmobile etc - plus it’s good exercise.
We had a call from a relative in Wales last week, ( Babs cousin) and he mentioned how much he liked living on his farm, he is 80 years old and never been out of the Country, but considers that he lives in the best part of the World - green fields and lots of rain, but no forest fires to worry about.  - I explained to him that in some ways, the Okanagan Valley is similar to Wales, and maybe that is why we decided to settle here. -

He was pleased to hear that Babs will be going back to the UK later this year for a visit. ( I will stay home as I prefer not to do any traveling anymore)


We have heard from our TRS Importer, that some 2019 models are still available at a discount - plus of course we still have an Xtrack 300 in stock, so this could be the best time of the year to get that “Super deal” - Give us a call if you are interested & want to stop by, but please phone ahead, as the snow will likely need clearing to get to the shop.


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