Tuesday January 14th 2020

When things got really cold in Alberta - my old buddy Walt used to say “Colder than a well-digger’s ankle” -  not sure where he got that saying from as there were others not quite as “Polite” - John Arcand had a good one.!!!

So as we prepare for another day in the “Deep Freeze” here are a couple of pics from yesteryear - the top one is of the great Brian Stonebridge on the Greeves, which he helped develop.

Below left -is  Joel Robert multi time World  MX Champion - and right Vic Eastwood one of the best riders from the UK - sadly none of these fine riders are with us anymore.
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Yes if you want a tough Enduro - go to Wales.
video Valleys Xtreme 2020 - The BEST Hard Enduro Race B Dog • 53K views New


And here is another example of how tough events are run in the UK.
Billy Bolt put in a masterful performance to win the first round of the 2020 ACU British Extreme Enduro Championships at wet Tong, West Yorkshire.


Looking back at How the Sport was promoted to the public, back in the 80’s - Stan Bakgaard put on shows all across the Country, this was at the Kelowna Home Show in 1986 - huge crowd of around 500 people watching.
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This is a pic of Bernie Schreiber in 1980 on the Italjet - the bike that was quickly put into production when Bultaco went the way of the Do Do bird - ( It was a good copy - but also quickly disappeared )  Bernie reports that there were 20,000 people watching at this event!!!!!!!!  (Think about that for a moment - especially when you consider that the riders were paid peanuts ! - but somebody must have made some money - maybe the FIM?)

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And here is what Bernie had to say about those “Good old Days”

Bernard Schreiber
Bernard Schreiber Mervyn Smith
Just a perception of progress. We all had 100kg bikes, hard core tires, 3 inch twin shock rear suspension, chopper forks, no brakes, dragging clutches, no protection, 20 kms laps of 18 long sections, no minders or course support, non-stop rules, no big trucks or money, but we put on our own show, promoted the sport, sold Trials bikes, received TV & print media nearly each of the 12 world rounds and spectators still enjoyed and related to the difficulties. All the event organizers were awesome and YES, it was easy like Apollo going to the moon in 1969🤷🏼‍♂️😉🇺🇸


No question that Dougie Lampkin is a fine Ambassador  for Trials - but last week, he was in South Africa, not only promoting the sport, but teaching local Volunteers how Trials skills can help them get to remote villages on Enduro bikes to deliver medical supplies.  Well done Dougie.
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So how long is this cold weather going to last?  Well they are saying it should warm up next week - then maybe we can plan on phoning a few people to pick up their bikes!!


And Finally - Birthday Greetings to our old buddy Roger Boothroyd who clocks another loop around the sun today !!


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