Friday January 17th 2020

We posted a pic  on the blog of the Dave Fair house in Victoria -  with a caption ” But who is shoveling the snow”  ?  It wasn’t supposed to be a quiz - but Brett Clark once again came up with the correct response as nobody is doing any shoveling in the pic - Thanks Brett for keeping me on my toes.!!

Well the weather appears to be unforgiving  at the moment - not that it’s a big issue for us, except that   we do live quite a ways out of town and sometimes I need to drive in to get groceries or attend Doctor appointments etc, which can be a pain.  - Mostly because there seems to be so many idiots behind the wheel of vehicles these days ( maybe it was always that way)  - I must say the modern front wheel drive cars do get good traction - but this also tends to make younger drivers over confident. - To be candid - I think the best drivers, are Trials riders - they are so used to throttle control and feeling for traction !!

Interesting that young Iwan Roberts, the Welsh Trials wiz kid who has done so well on the TRS, also takes part in Car Rallies in Wales ( which are brutal) he seems to be doing quite well at this in the “Off” season.


Looks like Honda are going to win the Dakar - but kudus to Laia Sanx who is still going strong.


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You have to admire the people who have the dedication to preserve these old bikes - would you believe I gave away a Sunbeam Dragonfly  - a BSA 250, and a Royal Enfield 123, ????? Yup that was one of my stupid moves in a life of Motorcycling - many people have asked me why I’ve not written a book of my lifetime experiences - to which I reply ” I haven’t got around to it yet” - But I do like to share stories with the many customers who visit my small shop in Vernon..


Ricky Brabec has won the Dakar - first American to do this and the first win for Honda after 31 years. Check out all the results on Enduro 21.

The good news today -is that it’s warmed up and no snow overnight !!  on checking the temps - I see it’s a balmy -11 here this morning, but going up to +2 on Monday !! - All good except they are also forecasting more snow..


This old pic just showed up on FB from a day out with the boys many years ago - I wonder if anybody can name the people in the photo? Hint it was taken at the Ponderosa. South of Vernon.
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