Thursday January 23rd 2020

This old pic shows Terry Porter on the left and myself on the right at an awards presentation back in the early 70’s while we both lived in Calgary - Terry left to take a job offer in Toronto and I only recall seeing him once after that, when I loaned him a TY 250 to ride an Alberta Trial.  - For years I tried to track down what happened to the Sammy Miller Plaque that I’m holding. as it was a unique Photo Engraving, made by me when I was in that business,  Nobody ever owned up to having it. ( It was supposed to be returned at the end of each year)
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British Trials Champ Jack Price has been signed by Vertigo after spending most of his young career on a John Shirt Gas Gas.
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And this is how it used to be !!!!
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Seeing all the snow in Newfoundland, reminded me of a visit I made there back in 1979 - I was on a Cross Canada  trip - doing Sales Seminars for Yamaha Dealers ( Started in Vancouver then hedge hopped all across the Country)  - Flying out of New Brunswick, we were informed that St Johns was fogged in ( it was late March) and we would be diverted to Gander.

It was pouring rain when we landed to board the buses  that would take us the 500km to St Johns overnight!! unfortunately , I had a lot of Audio Visual Equipment with me, so I was one of the last to get out of the Airport - just in time to see the very nice modern Coach pulling out of the car park - leaving a Yellow School bus for the remaining group of about a dozen passengers. !!! Wonderful - but it was soon to get better as the long trip was on roads that were partly gravel and littered with frost heaves !!  - Dog tired and sitting in the back of the bus, I would doze off, only to be hurled up into the overhead luggage rack when we hit one of these.

Eventually we arrived in St Johns and I had to get a cab back from the Airport to my Hotel - even though the bus drove straight past -(Driver said he couldn’t stop)

Obviously by this time, I was not in a very good mood, so when the young cab driver caught my eye in his rear view mirror, and said “First time on the Island sir?”  - my reply was “Yes- and the bloody last.”

Footnote: Because of the fog - I was stranded there for four days .


I had just finished lunch yesterday, when the door bell rang, and the guy outside asked for Dave - turned out it was Guy Giroux, from Sherco Canada ( The new Importer) out from Quebec and looking to set up new dealers.   - He seemed like a nice enough guy, and listened to my story of why I would not be interested in selling Sherco again. - We carried  Sherco ( starting with the first 1999 Bultaco) until 2013.

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