Sunday January 26th 2020

The last Sunday of the month - and what a start to the New Year, with the very cold temperatures and big dumps of snow. - Certainly put a lot of Trials riders in Cabin Fever mode.

As it has now warmed up a bit, I did the PDI on the new 2020 Evo 200 yesterday - not a lot of changes, as we know, but one surprise I got when I fired up the bike was to see the small light shining up from the new tank cover, which now houses the ignition advance switch - this button changes the position, so you can always see which mode you are in - Neat!! -


We haven’t seen  or heard much from any of the Western Motorcycle Shows - unlike the one in Toronto which had good coverage on FB.


I don’t think many enthusiasts will forget this pic of Bob Hannah from the late 70’s - he was always radical, I met him once when he was at the Calgary Motorcycle show - Yamaha had him and Broc Glover attend and they were on our Yamaha Canada booth, signing autographs. ( Nice young guys)

Does anybody remember that one of Bob’s signing conditions with Yamaha USA was that they bought him a Ferrari?   ( They did)
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Today is Australia Day - so a big shout out to all our friends from OZ - hope the Fires are getting under control - I see Sammy has got himself another Pup a buddy for Tiki. - Not sure how he will fit into the Stunt Shows.


We have heard from the Quebec Trials Club - who now have two WTC Championship events planned for 2020 at two different locations - one in May and one in July - we will confirm once we know more details.

( We are assuming total points from the series will decide the Championship East)

And for our Motor Racing readers >
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