Monday January 27th 2020

We don’t get the Classic version of Trial Mag: - but this one looks to have some great stuff in it as usual
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Yesterday I did the PDI on my new 2020 Evo 200 demo - can’t wait to try it out. ( I’ve added a bit of my bling)
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This is a video of the Vic Brittain National Trial held at the weekend in Shropshire, not far from where I grew up - it’s well worth clicking on and watching until the end. The sections are very similar to some we used to ride in my day - Natural gullies full of mud & rocks. - Who knows I may have ridden up that Gully back in the 50’s !!×7liiMgK66Qe-dS4HcdUHyb-qHvggJeUPAHLNYzm9zSk-qgfmRK29qKcvxjajtoYbdPIYR9Q-O-pZZs0c68FHxZqnm16c62CNznV1QTVe0Wgb2fMiGBk_e3mNwVcxKldLkRnwkvOWHwO8OIcp79RhvGBvSuaDmt5hXKXRx6skQctFe-qucn3exoIDe0NibwS0DOe68nJyWSVZo935WSlvOk8Jj_SGM4kECh1ETtqAxOPJxbVqMVBbjFhpT5rRVG9G1P8VU9Z9QTfmgF2FLQCezf7F0uOix1ZEtp-11IvY0wOXjSRo2ZowdfA80u17X2aQoshgG7fs143JWH4Xi69nxji1UIWRNqVc6Y9Ebx1ra-Fx4owiustu3082-rO1UD8OPq-d97sYDR1Z1MKhI5n1sfXGHonNQfgx3Ge9BTXBsybWV_68s68HKiAIN7U_um-TgHHeqhM5xw65umD5-GUM1CT2x-QTE-MFyZcaSwcRrUnglcHrmnMr3SnT1jtVzYeDbc9kCAInz8o77yB1Ho4QS2jSH3-HDnf4NphgwdZlk2y1BGUBn2EIZ7W1UHiF6yTVqx6itI9G4MP50OpTD7PU

Here are the results ( sorry the way they printed out - but a good win for Ross Danby (TRS)  who lives in the area, so local knowledge might have helped.
No.NameClubBikeClass123456789101112131415161718TotalM/C48 Ross DanbySSMCCTRS UKExpert 0011100004003106011843 Tom Minta SSMCCScorpaExpert 0020010521055007012984 Sam HaslamHookwoodsJLHondaExpert 0130200218343012013151 Sam YeomansStaff AutoVertigoExpert 00600011461103008084845Chris AlfordLincolnGas GasExpert00601006560108408135847Hugo JervisSSMCCTRS UKExpert01413013446684010045993Tom MossEastbourneGas GasExpert16433012663674310662122Ben SpriggLem VicHondaExpert2031125103821010508167775Will McBainOxfordJLGas GasExpert3151041110582884387896121Steven HarrisRedditchHondaExpert3353625101080108725469782Andrew BlackmanHookwoodsBetaExpe


Had to laugh when I saw this pic of Mick - but if you check out his score card, you can tell he was having a really bad day !!! - ( Unless his card is turned over)  - I think those are the same pants he wore at my 1975 World Round !!! if in fact this pic was taken at that event - then yes they would have been “5″s., and would explain the look on his face as he finished in 11th spot that day.
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A blast from the past that just showed up on FB - myself riding a Scramble on my first competition bike - a 197cc James - fitted with a different gas tank and Girling rear shocks -Note the lack of a front fender, which I had ripped off in a really big “Endo” in practice. - think the bars were bent as well. ( I rode the bike to the track near Oswestry as it was street legal and my only transportation- things were a lot simpler back then in the early 50’s)
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