Wednesday January 29th 2020

Back in the day, Handlebar design was (and still is) very much a personal choice, but in the 70’s - the high reach Renthal  was the choice of many ( including me for a time on my Bultaco)
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Above you see Charles Cutard using this design - while below is a shot of Spanish rider Munez ( killed in the car accident)  Martin Lampkin and Malcolm Rathmell.

Later riders began to use a flatter design- as shown on Mick Andrews Yamaha .
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This video is from the TRS Factory -Welcome to TRS Days.


An early shot of myself in 1955 riding my first Trial - Note: the low flat handlebars on my James 197cc.also the speedometer - left on in those days because all events included long rides on public roads. ( Events were usually 50-70 miles per day - plus we usually rode our bikes to the event which was sometimes 50 miles from where we lived in North Wales)
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Weather is keeping fairly mild in the Valley. although they are calling for a few snow flurries today -


Yesterday we had a visit from Jerry Sperling, who lives in Greenwood - he was looking for a Trials helmet ( but left with other stuff as well) Jerry has a whole bunch of Classic Trials bikes, including, a couple of TY 175’s - a TY 250, Suzuki RL - Kawasaki -and recently sold a couple of Honda TL’s he had.  We had a great chat, ( he was very interested in the Xtrack)  It seems he has a whole trail system available right out of his backyard & invited us down to check it out.

We have ridden at Midway ( just up the road from Greenwood) and also at a Trial in Grandforks  a few years ago - it’s a neat area, right on the US border. - In fact I recall we put on a Trials demo at Midway a few years back, organized by local guy Gord . - it was +40 not perfect for riding, but the locals seemed to enjoy it. Afterwards we sat in the River to cool off.  This was back when Barry was riding, also Krash was there and Jimmy Corkle plus a few others.  ( I even rode that day)

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