Friday January 31st 2020

It’s a big day in UK Politics today with England breaking away from the European Union - Only time will tell if this is the way to go - but if it gives Immigration control back to the Brits - then I think it’s good.
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The pic below is of Arnold Moffat - Father of Big John Moffat in Scotland at the 1953 SSDT - the bike is a  rigid framed Matchless, which was later upgraded to a swingarm rear suspension.  John later bought back this bike and added it to his impressive collection.
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Another interesting pic this one showing Brian Stonebridge on the BSA Bantam 150 - fitted with an expansion chamber - the real breakthrough for two stroke Scrambles bikes in the late 50’s - you can see the short stubby cut off header pipe on the following bike a Francis Barnet, which was the normal design, before Stonebridge - working for BSA decided to try Road Race technology on the Bantam -( I saw him passing big heavy four strokes on this at Hawkstone Park.

Hmmm!  seem to have lost this pic in cyber space - sorry about that.
The debate on modern Trials events goes on and on - here is Bernie’s take on things.

Bernard Schreiber Steve Wilson
The debate goes on & on & on and entries/sales less & less & less. We have manufacturers building bikes designed to win a X-Trial world championship, at a price most new riders can’t afford, with performance levels they can’t use in sections they’ll never come close to riding. Forward motion rules provide a different skill set, product and commercial base to the sport. I’ve taken note and scored Stop as a fiasco for the sport of Trials. Imagine if you had to learn all the training skills of a top gun Air Force pilot to fly a commercial airline. You wouldn’t have many pilots. Imagine if the only new plane you could purchase is a USAF-22 Raptor to visit family on the weekend. Not many planes being sold or a commercial industry being built.😉

Following the recent X-Trial Budapest, which featured the closest-ever X-Trial finish – with several tie-breaks necessary to separate the victorious Toni Bou (Repsol Honda) from arch-rival Adam Raga (TRRS) – this Sunday, February 2, sees the big one, the annual X-Trial Barcelona.

The Barcelona event is the oldest consecutive indoor trial in history and 2020 will see the 43rd edition take place at the huge Palau St Jordi stadium, built for the 1992 Olympics and situated on top of Montjuic.


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