Thursday February 6th 2020

As many of our readers like Motorcycle sport in general, rather than just one particular aspect such as Trials - I urge you to take a minute or two, to read the article on the Suzuki Road Race success which I’ve posted a link. - It’s a fascinating story, of what goes on behind the scenes.
Suzuki’s won its last premier-class championship in 2000, with Kenny Roberts Junior, son of King Kenny, riding an RGV500. It was the factory’s first title success since Kevin Schwantz won the 1993 crown and it came against the flow of Honda and Yamaha hegemony.


This is a good article to read - especially if you are new to the sport.  - Many expect success to happen quickly, and give up when it doesn’t happen. - This is true in all Sports - but with regard to Trials, it tends to be a bit different, because you often have your competitors standing just a few feet away as you ride a section, so keeping concentration is of the utmost importance.

As Derek Rickman says - he didn’t realize he was  sticking his tongue out - but another thing that many riders forget to do is “Breathe” - they hold their breath as they try to get through a difficult spot, a bad habit that takes a lot of practice to shake.
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With all the snow we have been getting - it’s been impossible to not notice the Politics on TV regarding Donald Trump - While I’m not into this thing - as in my Opinion  many Politicians are crooks, only into it for the money - It has to be a concern to see the USA so divided - but maybe it was always that way.

Of course Politics has always played a part in both Motor- and Motorcycle Sport, and at all levels. - Although we try to stay out of it if we can, I do remember how steamed some Club meetings used to get back in the day, in Alberta.  - That’s why I like the WTC approach - no rider or club dues or paid officers - just keep things simple.


Here is the poster for the WTC  ( East )  Championship  Series.
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Thinking about this day in History - I believe it was on this day back in 1952 that King George Sixth died, while Princess Elizabeth  was in South Africa on Holiday.


That’s it for another Snow Day in the Valley>

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