Saturday February 8th 2020

I was chatting to somebody from the Coast, about the rider ability we see at events in Canada, and the fact that a lot of people from other types of competition, give it a try, thinking it’s going to be easy.

Of course this isn’t the case, and never has been - I made the comment that I soon found out how different things were in Canada, when I started winning events in Alberta  as an “Over the Hill”  new guy from the UK, back in the 70’s. - ( The best I ever did as a young rider in Wales, was finish in the top 15- 20, at club trials  - nothing to get excited about,  - the Canadian lads needed a bit of coaching.
I’ve often said that a decent club rider from Europe can clean up in North American Trials  - perhaps the fact that James Duxbury who came over with Dougie last year doing schools, impressed so many people with his ability, is a case in point.

Not that I’m putting down any of our riders -we have some very good lads, it’s just that the degree  of ability is so much higher in Europe. - ( and things changed a lot in the 70’s)

Here is an interesting clip from a Vancouver paper that I saw posted.
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With access to some beautiful Countryside, we are sure lucky to live in BC - this was taken a few years ago up near Cougar Bluff.
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Yesterday I went in for some Surgery to remove  some skin cancer on my forehead, so I look a bit like something out of the “Munsters” today.

The lady surgeon, was  really nice, and told me she grew up near Drayton Valley  Alberta, which led to my story of cutting my thumb off in that Cross Country race back in 1979 - near the Big Horn Dam - she was very familiar with the area, and also told me she studied at the University Hospital in Edmonton - the place where they managed to stitch my thumb back on  using micro-surgery - something fairly new in those days - she also spent her Honeymoon in Wales.

As they say, it’s a small World.

More snow yesterday and overnight, so we won’t be going far this weekend - hope the CPTA Trial goes off well, tomorrow.

Of course if you are into Sleds or Snow-bikes - this is the place to be - Chris took this pic near Revvy a few years ago.

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I see the Moto GP Teams are in Sepang at the moment, with the new French kid setting a blistering pace on the Factory Yamaha.


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