Tuesday February 11th 2020

The BSA Bantam, was the bike that started my long love for motorcycles - an old school buddy stopped by our house in 1954 with the Trials version - and I was hooked.  Although I never owned a Bantam - BSA sold a ton of them, and they were also used by the British Post Office for delivering mail.

While the original purchase price was about 100 pounds stirling - this restored beauty, recently sold for 2,200 pounds in the UK  !!! And to think I gave away some of my “Classics”

Another Bantam - this one being very much tricked up, and ridden in the Scottish Pre 65, by Former World Champion Yrjo Vesterinen.
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And here is another BSA beauty.
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We now have the results from the CPTA Beta Trial from last Sunday  ( first three) ( Thanks to Don Doerksen)

1 Alex Walton TRRS  22 points

2 Kirk McDowal  TRS  36

3 Jesse McDowal  TRS 47


1 Carl Muller  Beta  14

2 Melissa Andrist   GG  18

3 Ian Carlson  Beta  19


1 Don Doerksen  Scorpa  15

2 Cam Collie  Mont  26

3 Gary Lawyer  GG  29


1 Brian Dye   ?  13

2 Jason Watson  ?  33

3 Brian Pegg  ?  34


1 Mike Hays  Vert  5

2 Bob Clark  TRS 10

3 Skip Parker  Beta  17


1 Brett Clark  TRS  30

2 Bill Thomson  GG  43


1 Emily Jarmin  ?  55

A total of 37 riders showed up for a good day at Ioco. ( Thanks Roger for catching the typo)

Your video for today >   Yamaha Mick Andrews Trials Champion


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