Thursday February 13th 2020

Here is an interesting entry list at the SSDT in 1974 - It shows the Team entrees - What I noticed, was the fact that Mick Andrews was only listed in the Yamaha “B” Team - Strange.
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I wonder how many visitors to the Scottish have seen this monument   in the Valley of Glencoe ? - So much history there. Both the Cambells and the Fraser Clans were part of this - ( My Grandmother on my Father’s side was a Fraser)
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A couple more videos to click on >>
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une belle réussite à découvrir … Tristan et Jean nous présentent cette belle TRRS !! Restez connecté , les autres trials arrivent aussi ;-)


John Moffat has just started a link on his Website for showing pics from when Trials were all Non-Stop !! In other words, if you stopped, it was a “5″  - Also back then, the scoring system was 1-3-5 the “2″ was added much later to the way things are now scored.  However, the scoring these days, causes just as much controversy as it did in the old days. - For example in the Indoor Events - riders are penalized for “Sumping out” on an obstacle.  - And it seems a lot of Expert riders in  our events, seem to think it’s OK to stop with a foot on the ground for a couple of minutes, and still score a “Dab”  ( If in doubt, check with the Clerk of the Course at any event you are riding)
The pic below is from the UK, but shows how organizers sometimes threw in a big bog section to add to the fun.  ( People who were at the FIM World Trial in Calgary might remember that I put one of these in that event)
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Although the pic below is a beautiful rebuild Special - it’s a far cry from what the original BSA Bantam looked like, but does show just how serious some of the Classic group are in Europe.


I watched the Hockey game last night - a nice tribute to the Sedin’s - As for the way the Cannucks played  Hmm ! - They won, but only because of the Goalie.


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