Friday February 14th 2020

Happy Valentines Day to everybody - especially to my Babsy - We’ve traveled a long road together since I met this Welsh beauty back in 1959.

Anybody who has been involved with the Motorcycle Industry, knows just how it is - “A way of Life” is how I’ve often described it. - However, it’s also a very hard way to make a living - especially for the enthusiast dealer.  ( The buddy system doesn’t always pay the bills)

It’s always sad to see a great shop close the doors, especially if you know the people involved - I thought our readers would like to see this article from our friends South of the Border.

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Dear Skagit Powersports Friends and Customers,

As you’ve probably heard the dealership is closing in the near future. We’ve moved into the warehouse with everything in the showroom and are operating out of there. We will be open every day just as we were in our other building.

Gary, Pete and I started in 1992 in Mount Vernon on the West Side in a tiny rented building. In 1996 we started looking for a bigger store. I met a local businessman named Gary Steen, owner of Holiday Market, and he showed me an acre lot for sale in the new Burlington Business Park right on I-5. We built and moved into our new store in 1996, made it bigger in 1998, and ending up expanding three more times. Later we bought another lot across the street and built the warehouse where we are now. Our plan was to run a business that would provide us with a living income and that would eventually provide retirement for the three of us.Through the nearly 30 years we’ve been in business we’ve had championship teams in road racing, motocross, off road, trials, and flat track. We’ve started some fun programs such as dealer track days, warehouse racing and the Monkey Butt 300 ride to Winthrop. As a business, Skagit Powersports has been honored with dozens of national awards, including U.S. Dealership Of The Year in 2010.Along the way we’ve had offers to buy our property but none were generous enough to convince us to close the store. Not until we met Jeri Drager, owner of Drager’s Club House in Lynnwood. Jeri intends on creating a hotrod / custom / exotic car museum in our redesigned
showroom. That sounds like a fun idea! I’m glad our showroom get’s to be another cool place!Over time, the development of the internet has presented a new challenge that faces nearly all retail businesses, online ordering. Parts and accessories sales have been declining for each of the last ten years, a real problem when that department is an important piece of the whole puzzle. The motorcycle industry isn’t innocent in this either, everyone is racing to get as much of their products onto the web as they can. The local motorcycle dealer is the one who takes the hit. Please keep that in mind every time you need help and only a real shop can give it.It’s been a great 30 years, I’ve had too many adventures to count and a lot of good friends to go riding with now that I’m free. Thank you all so much for letting me play for 30 years.- Bill Cameron
Anybody remember the Ariel Arrow?  - quite a revolutionary bike back in the day - one of the Photographers from the Newspaper Plant I worked at had one, and said I could take it for a ride !! Now being young and super mad about road racing at that time - I jumped at the chance, and took it for a quite long zip around the Country roads in the Oswestry area. - However, this could have turned ugly, as when going flat out in top gear, a pigeon flew across- hitting me in the face - fortunately I managed to survive, although the pigeon wasn’t so lucky. ( And I managed to return the bike intact)  - A guy by the name of Peter Inchly tuned one for the 250 TT in the Isle of Man  which went well as I recall.
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When I first saw this pic, I thought it was Swampy at one of the Stan Bakgaard Stunt shows, but this was taken in the UK, and Stan’s Scaffolding was about three times this high - amazing how Swampman never got hurt especially at the BC Place event.
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Hard to believe that this pic was taken in January or February last year !! - What a different story this year with all the snow. Shane & Chris plus Dale Wellborn and his son were out with us that day.
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A sad memory today as it was 8 years ago that the Trials World lost the great Italian rider Diego Bosis at just 44 years old, from a heart attack.
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Today is also the birthday of John Dearie  who lives on the West Coast, but was in Kelowna for many years.  John holds the dubious record of taking the longest time to fix a flat on a Beta rear wheel - I think it’s about ten years !!


I think it’s also Sam’s birthday today - I took this pic of him the first year he came over from OZ - only took him a few sections to modify the Outlaw Beta rear fender ( But if I showed you the section - you would understand why!!)   Anyway Happy birthday buddy.
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